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SpringWorks: indie theatre & arts festival                                                                                                          may 8-18, 2014

RAZZMATAZZ FOR KIDS     Children's Programming- up to 7 years old ♥

  • Saturday May 11... 10:00 a.m @ Stratford City Hall Auditorium
    Saturday May 18... 10:00 a.m. @ Factory163
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Razzmatazz for Kids 

The award-winning duo will get you hugging someone you love, clucking like aSandy and Thomas Harmonica chicken, riding a bumpy bus, singing along, clapping your hands, or performing on stage with them. Razzmatazz has been touring their fun, energetic, interactive children's music for almost 20 years to festivals, special events, theatres, schools and corporate events in Canada and the U.S.

Thomas In Concert

Praise for Razzmatazz

“Well you certainly know how to engage an audience-WOW! Your show was fantastic. After two songs I saw the kids really starting to come out of their shell and boogy up a storm. It was great to see the kids interact with you and shout out the most comical things. Everyone who attended had great time...”
Nancy, Macdonald, Concert Director, fredkid FAIR, Fredericton, NB

Samples of some of their fun songs:
"The Crazy Shakedown" here
"Going to my Grandma's " here
 More coming soon

“Talented, energetic and fantastic with the children, this dynamic duo had the audience on their feet and dancing the evening away. Razzmatazz was so well received as a result of their proficiency, children and parents are asking when they will be back again!”
Krista Harris-Audet, Peanut Gallery Committee, Restigouche County, NB

“Captivating the attention and imagination of over 1000 children, Razzmatazz electrified the Jubilee's most successful children's event ever... Razzmatazz delivers quality children's entertainment!”
Emma Stewart, Chair, Riverfront Jubilee, New Glasgow, NS

“Their performance is a gift. Everyone in the audience takes part in the non-stop, delightfully fun, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, everything gesturing, show. The children sang and giggled through the hour-long erformance and reluctantly waved good-bye when all was ‘sang’ and done. Aren’t we lucky to have such a tremendously talented children’s musical group on our doorstep.”
Parents’n’Kids Magazine, Halifax, NS

“We have had only positive comments regarding your residency in Lafayette. I appreciate your independence, dependability and professionalism while working with us.”
Renée Roberts, Acadiana Arts Council, Lafayette, Louisiana

“Flinging his spidery legs in all directions, Thomas looks like a dangerously out-of-control jumping jack. The kids loved him.”
Stephen Pedersen, The Halifax Herald, NS

“Witty and substantial songs with an irresistible catchiness. The intense combination of inspired whimsy, pure silliness, traditional tunes delivered by strong musicianship and warmth of personality make Razzmatazz For Kids a superior example of a limited genre.”
Ron Foley Macdonald, The Daily News, Halifax, NS