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A Brief History of Time



Théâtre du Renard
Antonia Leney-Granger

Each star tells us about the past of the universe.
No one can travel at the speed of light.
Nothing is ever sitting still.
Wait. What’s a rubber ducky doing in this story?

Inspired by the work of astrophysicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking, Théâtre du Renard presents a bold adaptation of his bestseller, A Brief History of Time, in the witty and playful style that characterizes object theatre. Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Hubble are sung, rapped, recounted and made hilarious again. One woman and 100 objects : this is the story of science as you’ve never heard it before! Your chance to understand (at last!) the theory of Relativity, the expansion of the Universe, and especially the famous E=mc2 !

Created and performed by Antonia Leney-Granger
Artistic support by Francis Monty and Olivier Ducas, Théâtre de la Pire Espèce

Translation support by Jesse Stong and Playwrights’ Worskhop Montréal


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