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Presented By: Graham Soul


Hand/Rod & Shadow Puppets | No Words | Animation

45 minutes

Ages 4+

Ticket Prices: Adult (18+): $30 | Youth (12-17)/Arts Worker : $18
| Children (<11): $12

Sat Aug 3 - 2:30pm
Sun Aug 4 - 11:15am



Poor little cuckoo bird, between his hourly cuckoo duties, singing lessons, and chores, there’s no time left for fun and play. But one day, a mischievous intruder creates chaos and Cuckoo chases after it and discovers a magical world beyond time. Can Cuckoo find a way home and fix the clock?

This utterly unique performance takes place on the intricate exterior and interior of an oversized clock created by puppeteer Graham Soul. Puppetry, and animated video makes this a family show not to be missed!

“Manipulating all these puppets inside the narrow puppet stage, Eloi Cousineau and Graham Soul give the impression of having 10 hands.” - Theatre Quebec


Story, Scenography, Puppets, Music and Video: Graham Soul

Stage Direction: Jérémie Desbiens & Graham Soul

Lighting: Nancy Longchamp

Puppeteers: Graham Soul & Eloi Cousineau


Nancy Campbell Academy

45 Waterloo Street South, Stratford, ON, Canada

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