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Make Your Own Song/Book Workshop

Presented by:
Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw

Make Your Own Song/Book Workshop

Art Workshop | Storytelling | Multidisciplinary

90 minutes

Ages 10+

General Admission: $48

Friday Aug 2 - 10:30 am
Sunday Aug 4 - 10:30 am


This workshop is for anyone interested in exploring connections between books and other art forms. Bring a favourite song, poem, or story to transform into your very own Song/Book!

Musician and multidisciplinary artist Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw will share about her

process making the handmade pieces from her show, Song/Book. Participants should decide in advance on a song, poem, or story they find meaningful or interesting. We will learn about several common book structures and make prototypes of each. Then each participant will begin constructing their own book to pair with their chosen song or other art form. We will save some time for sharing our works-in-progress at the end of the class.

No previous art experience is required! Everyone is welcome to bring their inspiration and creativity. 


Factory 163

Factory 163, King Street, Stratford, ON, Canada

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