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Presented By: La Puntual


Hand & Glove Puppets | Interactive | English & Spanish

40 minutes

Ages 3+

Free Event

Saturday Aug 3 - 1:30pm
Saturday Aug 3 - 4:00pm
Sunday Aug 4 - 1:30pm


PIPA does not want a quiet and peaceful life. He wants to play, have fun, fall in love, live
life ... But he will find a world full of surprising characters: Mister Tofol and his selfie stick, Nina and her ice cream, the Banker and his machine, and even a very hungry crocodile and its bubbles. It is a crazy, often surreal and tender comedy for puppets.

Visiting Stratford from Spain, this comedy for all ages is inspired by the traditional Catalan glove puppet shows that have been performed throughout Europe for generations. PIPA invites audiences to participate in the action and influence the rhythm of the show. Come join in on the fun!

Original idea and puppeteer: Néstor Navarro
Director: Eugenio Navarro
Costume: Therese Ramet
Puppets: Néstor Navarro & Eugenia Susel
Puppet Booth: Edu Blanch
Sound track: Octavi Rumbau
Technician: Eugenia Susel

Outdoors - Veterans Drive Park

Veterans Dr, Stratford, ON, Canada

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