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The Budapest Marionettes

Bence Sarkadi

The Budapest Marionettes

Long String Marionettes

30 minutes

All Ages


Sat Aug 5 - 10:15 AM, 4:30 PM
Sun Aug 6 - 12:15 PM


Check out Bence Sarkadi, an acclaimed puppeteer from Hungary, with an array of unique and inventive puppets.

He started working with marionettes in 1999 and began touring with his one-man puppet shows in 2007. He has performed in the streets and on the stages of 6 continents and has won prestigious awards all around the world.

THE BUDAPEST MARIONETTES brings about a range of different marionettes in a cycle of short stories accompanied by music. Don’t miss this!

Veterans Drive Park (performance tent)

Veterans Drive, Stratford, ON, Canada

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