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SpringWorks Digital - tapashta ShortWorks

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Welcome to SpringWorks Digital
inaugural ShortWorks Showcase: tapashta. 

Thank you to all of our artists that participated and to all those who attended tapashta virtually! While tapashta is over, you can still view a few of the pieces as well as browse the catalogue of artists that participated this year. Those marked with a star are still viewable!

Episode 1

100 years of "Aint We Got Fun" - Andrea Conway + Wayne Doba

The Bull Play - Brady Madsen *

Introduction Video 

With Julie Lumsden on how to navigate through the tapashta playlist

Episode 2

For Better or Worse - Mya Wong + Company

Cheerleader Sprite Squad - Alex Franks*

Seeking Giants - Zita Nyarady

Episode 3

SAMCA - Natalia Bushnik, Kathleen Welch and Brendan Kinnon*

I Know How She Feels - Becca Willow Moss

Episode 4

Glass Shards & Life and Ending - Maggie Chang*

Modeling - Seeley Quest

Episode 5

ZOOM - Rameez Karim

Next -  Lisbet MacLean 

Som - Mushtari Afroz

Episode 6

Diserenity - Alten Wilmot

A Slow Death In Academia - Krystal Kavita Jagoo

Episode 7

Carbon Twins - Lucy Rupert

The Age Of Anxiety - Lisa Robertson*

Episode 8

Little Things With Great Love - Deivan Steele*

Episode 9

Incognegro - Megan Lagesse

Bounce - Sarah U + Teighan Hauff

Fixing Our Spirits - Yuli Cruz Roo 

Episode 10

No Country For They/Thems - Avery Jean Brennan

Quarantine - Emerjade Simms

Episode 11

Tangled Roots - Kathleen Maclean + Samantha Brown