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SpringWorks Digital - tapashta ShortWorks

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Welcome to SpringWorks Digital
inaugural ShortWorks Showcase: tapashta. 

Our inaugural Digital ShortWorks Showcase has officially closed! We’d like to extend a big Thank You to everyone who watched the episodes, spread the word online, and made donations to help us provide this content free of charge. SpringWorks is delighted to confirm that the Digital ShortWorks Showcase will continue next year. 

Didn’t catch the Showcase?

Several of tapashta works will remain available on our SpringWorks Digital youtube page, here!

The 2022 theme: "tapashta"

These ideas, stemming from the Michif word for “renew” centre around the idea of renewal, new beginnings, beginning again and growth. 

A nation-wide call for NewWorks/ShortWorks presented online in 2022.

Pieces range from 2-10 minutes, and could be any art form. 

Episode 1

100 years of "Aint We Got Fun" - Andrea Conway + Wayne Doba

The Bull Play - Brady Madsen *

Introduction Video 

With Julie Lumsden on how to navigate through the tapashta playlist

Episode 2

For Better or Worse - Mya Wong + Company

Cheerleader Sprite Squad - Alex Franks*

Seeking Giants - Zita Nyarady

Episode 3

SAMCA - Natalia Bushnik, Kathleen Welch and Brendan Kinnon*

I Know How She Feels - Becca Willow Moss

Episode 4

Glass Shards & Life and Ending - Maggie Chang*

Modeling - Seeley Quest

Episode 5

ZOOM - Rameez Karim

Next -  Lisbet MacLean 

Som - Mushtari Afroz

Episode 6

Diserenity - Alten Wilmot

A Slow Death In Academia - Krystal Kavita Jagoo

Episode 7

Carbon Twins - Lucy Rupert

The Age Of Anxiety - Lisa Robertson*

Episode 8

Little Things With Great Love - Deivan Steele*

Episode 9

Incognegro - Megan Lagesse

Bounce - Sarah U + Teighan Hauff

Fixing Our Spirits - Yuli Cruz Roo 

Episode 10

No Country For They/Thems - Avery Jean Brennan

Quarantine - Emerjade Simms

Episode 11

Tangled Roots - Kathleen Maclean + Samantha Brown

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