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NewWorks ~ ShortWorks

SpringWorks Digital
ShortWorks Showcase:

 viewing by donation access

March 25 to April 30

stripes new1500by 1500.jpg
stripes new1500by 1500.jpg

"tomorrow's best today"

“The SpringWorks Festival is an ideal place to experiment and workshop, to expand your audience, to develop an idea and to broaden your artistic community. It offers all parts of the foundation needed to present a new work and is a hotbed of exciting and vital art of many mediums. I am so grateful that it exists and so grateful for its generosity to young artists like myself."
Britta Johnson - Life After; Stupidhead! (A Mucisal Cmoedy)

How are we Working on this NewWorks thing:

  • By inviting artist/creators to reveal work in all stages of development 

  • By asking questions about 

    • the creative process

    • Our stories - Whose stories

      • Ownership, commitment and responsibility 

    • what is “safe” space

  • By reaching out to and building relationships with Indigenous, Ethnocultural groups, Youth, and Seniors, our wise ones

  • By connecting with the national and international arts organizations and communities that are sharing their stories - learning from example

  • By offering both free and affordable programming experiences

  • By evolving with the rest of the world as it embraces a digital future

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