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SpringWorks Digital - ShortWorks Showcase

POSTCARDS episode index

Your donations support
new work  like POSTCARDS & future programming 

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Join us March 25th  for the launch of  POSTCARDS

our month-long online presentation

Online Launch
Saturday March 25, 7PM (ET)
Meet the Artists, Q & A

This is a curated set of multi-disciplinary works on the theme of
POSTCARDS to/from: 
A snippet of art. A snippet of you.
A snippet of a perspective. To- you, me, us, here, there, tomorrow, yesterday. From- you, me, a time, a place, a feeling, a meal.

  • 33 national and international artists

  • 2-5 minute ShortWorks

  • 17 works in mulitple genres

  • 8 episodes

  • from tap dance to music, puppets to poetry

  • at times deeply personal, always a creative experience.

​    Some works will offer extended viewing options

Welcome to POSTCARDS

Watch these works ‘when and where’ you please. 

Grab a coffee/tea, dins or go for an immersive binge watching break. 

Viewing is by
Pay-what-you-choose’ donation.

Follow the arrows below to discover more information about the artists and
find links to the work


Your support helps us
provide affordable, inclusive access to our programming

and it helps funds future art creation.
You receive a tax receipt.

Episode 1

I'm Okay - Kelsey Verzotti, Georgia Bennett, Joel Cumber, Cordelia O'Driscoll, Pamela Kerr

To: My Genderful Future - Kez Vicario-Robinson

Introduction Video 

With Julie Lumsden on how to navigate through the POSTCARDS playlist

Episode 2

The Guide - Annie Lockerbie Newton & Charlotte Gowdy.

The Purple Coat - Jona Villa

Episode 3

AWAAZ - Rameez Karim  & Sofia El Iraki  

Fairy Garden Wonderland Raymond Helkio, David Bateman, Charlie C. Petch 

Episode 4

With love, 23 - Mikela Vuorensivu, Roya Pishvaei, Andrea Isea Galindo 

MP4 - Becca Willow

Episode 5

Talk in Tap - Andrea Conway & Wayne Doba

Antje's Summer Vacay - Anna-Maria Lawrie 

Influenced - Sam Chaulk & Oliver Georgiou

Episode 6

g minor/d minor - Lucy Rupert

Yupso - Roberto Santaguida & Yumin Kim 

Episode 7

Reminiscent Voices - Marco Esccer & Carla Alcántara 

The Cookie Jar - Hayley Ng

Episode 8

What Else to Say? - Sophie Rivers, Olivia Daniels

When I Was A Little Boy - Breton Lalama

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