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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

HPSWF as an organization will continue to

  • assess our own practices for unintended bias

  • consult with diverse communities to address their needs and their sense of welcome within our organization.

  • provide management, staff, board and volunteers with diversity and antiracism training

  • seek organizational inclusivity both internally and externally

  • follow up with our perceptions of understandings and our progress


A specific code of conduct and welcoming protocols is being researched for best practises, created and will be posted on this site. We are addressing our learning and endeavouring to improve understanding and fuctionality with a full-hearted commitment to evolve and improve equity and inclusivity, with benchmarks, timelines and scheduled assessments of efficacy.

It begins here:

  • We acknowledge our privilege.

  • We will continue to endeavour to provide a safe space for all artistic voices to be heard, including those from the LGBTQ2S+, Black, Indigenous, refugee (local Syrians), immigrant communities, all faiths and underserved demographics.

  • We support the voices of our times in the crucial telling of our contemporary stories.


We commit to helping build a better, fairer, safer, inclusive world that honours our common humanity and right to equity.

Training through self-guided readings and webinars are provided here. Material is being added regularly and improvement to interfaces are in process. We are researching opt-in guided training live/zoom workshops and are evaluating the best formats to proceed. We want to invite people into discussions that provide opportunities to encourage awareness, listening and learning.

Thank you to the wonderful people and organizations that have written, researched and compiled the information we are sharing here.

CBC Radio: Canada's Slavery Secret

She Shreds Media

Anti-Racism Resources

For White & Non Black Musicians

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

LSPIRG - Creating Agents

of Social Change

- Indigenous Allyship

ByUs Box - Toolkits for Raising Inclusive, Anti-Racist Kids

Government of Canada

Treaties and Agreements

art Equity: art, equity and activism

YMCA Calgary - Equity vs. Equality: What's the Difference?

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