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Céline Chevrier, Kristina Troske


Statue is a contemporary puppetry piece which explores the imposition of gender stereotypes by society.

Both playful and original, our 30 minute silent narrative expounds this occasionally dark theme using a body puppet, essentially a hybrid art blending movement and puppetry.

At times surreal, the strength of this technique lies in its possibilities, touching audiences according to their interpretation.

Calling on the intelligence and sensitivity of the audience, Statue is presented as a celebration of diversity through affirmation of the self while taking a cynical look at the norm.


From its very inception Statue has been concerned both with questions of gender in puppetry and with developing a strong gestural language which pushes the boundaries of our discipline. For us the puppet has no gender, as it is foremost an inanimate object. Our interest then is to explore how and why it is we imbue it with a gender, according to its gestures, attitude, or the manipulators’ reaction to it. What role do the manipulators play and can they be understood to represent the power dynamics in society at large?


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