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tapashta Episode 4

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Glass Shards & Life and Endings

Maggie is a poet, writer and artist with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. Her pieces often focus on themes of environmentalism, intersectional feminism, and identity – particularly the joys and sorrows of being Chinese-Canadian. Her work has also appeared in Stories of Ours, Faces to the Sun, and Held Magazine. You can find her on Instagram @seethewaymaggicees and Twitter @seethewaymcs.

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Maggie Chang She/Her

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seeley quest (sie/hir) is the writer of “Modeling” so far, a trans disabled creator, facilitator, and environmentalist. Featuring with Sins Invalid 2007-15, hir playscript “Crooked” is in At the Intersection of Disability and Drama, and an excerpt of “Modeling” will be in the 2022 rEvolver Festival.  

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seeley quest Sie/Hir

Yousef Kadoura (he/him) is a Lebanese Canadian actor, writer and producer, and below knee amputee. A National Theatre School of Canada graduate, he co-curated the 2018 Flourishing series at Toronto’s Tangled Art + Disability.  He’s published in Intermission Magazine and Musagetes, and co-hosted and edited the podcast Crip Times. 

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Yousef Kadoura He/Him

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