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SpringWorks Digital - Postcards

Call for Submissions

Please support new work & future programming 

SpringWorks Festival is now accepting submissions for
Postcards: Digital ShortWorks 2023

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Digital ShortWorks is a NewWorks festival where video performances from artists across all disciplines related to the theme Postcards will be presented online in spring 2023. 


Postcards- to/from.
We are asking artists to send a snippet. A snippet of art. A snippet of you. A snippet of a perspective. To- you, me, us, here, there, tomorrow, yesterday. From- you, me, a time, a place, a feeling, a meal.

Pieces can range from 2-5 minutes, and be any art form, at any stage of development. Pieces can be composed of: reading of a new script, exploration in text, exploration in movement, in dance, exploration in music, in puppetry, poetry reading, workshopping ideas, snippets of a larger work, etc.

We highly encourage artists of all ages, backgrounds and disciplines to submit.



Each artist involved and outlined in the pitch will be given a $250 fee. These fees will be delivered once the final video projects are received.


For example: Jill will be presenting 5 minutes of a new script they wrote, and will have Jack and Jess read. Jill, Jack and Jess will each be receiving $250 for their work totaling $750.



  • Resumes and headshots of all involved artists

  • 250 word pitch/description of work to be presented, including number of artists involved,

    expected length, etc.


    November 14th: Submissions due.
    December 4th: All Artists will receive notification of the status of their submission. January 27th: Finalized video presentations will be received by SpringWorks.

Submit Here

Deadline November 14

If you have any questions or require assistance, please email

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