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Migraciones / Migrations

Presented By:
Paradox Teatro

Migraciones / Migrations

Shadow & Humanette/Hybrid Puppets | Sand Drawing | Live Music | English & Spanish

50 minutes

Ages 10+

Ticket Prices: Adult (18+): $30 | Youth (12-17)/Arts Worker : $18
| Children (<11): $12

Friday Aug 2 - 2:00pm
Friday Aug 2 - 9:00pm
Saturday Aug 3 - 2:00pm
Sunday Aug 4 - 12:30pm



MIGRACIONES / MIGRATIONS follows the journey of migrating refugees in a unique performance that combines life-sized puppets, sand drawings, shadow puppetry projections, live music, and poetry in English and Spanish.

This culture-crossing production was created in response to the increasing barriers between the Paradox Teatro co-founders’ home countries, the United States and Mexico. The artists say they created it partially “in honour of all the people whose needs push them to migrate far away from their homes forever.”

“A feast for the eyes and imagination” - WiaW Patron 2023

“Beautiful exposure to puppetry for all ages. Very interactive and dynamic.” - WiaW Patron 2023


Script & Direction: Sofía Padilla & Davey T. Steinman

Puppeteers: Sofía Padilla & Davey T. Steinman

Puppets & Sand Drawings: Sofía Padilla

Music & Sound Design: Davey T. Steinman & Daniel Bonespur



163 King St, Stratford, ON N5A 4S2, Canada

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