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tapashta Episode 5


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ZOOM explores the different states of mind that arose while learning dance online for one year from a university institution. Using the recognizable interface as a stage, ZOOM invites the dynamic of a group choreography through multiple solos of the same person.  For many choreographers, including Rameez Karim, the struggles from shifting to online engagements were extremely destabilizing. Isolating for long periods marked a new beginning of deep introspections and questions surrounding why dance is important. Using a new platform, new beginnings were established. New perspectives were revealed resulting in new heights reached in Rameez's choreographic and creative processes. 


Sofia El Iraki She/Her

Rameez Karim is a Montreal-based choreographer trained in Bollywood, Indian semi-classical and folk. He has worked for/with artists such as Marc Dupré, Mia Martina and Priyanka Chopra. Rameez has choreographed and performed for festivals including Quartiers Danses,  Acces Asie, Taste of the Caribbean and Canada Pride. His work has been presented locally and internationally in Lisbon, Dubai, Mexico and New York City. Rameez launched Veils of Bollywood in 2019 to elevate Bollywood and Indian dance representation in Montreal. His curiosities include spirituality, nature, mysticism, and queerness. He is pursuing a BFA at Concordia University majoring in Contemporary Dance.


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Rameez Karim He/Him



In our own cyclic lives, renewal affords the opportunity to begin again. Lisbet & Kemi think of renewal as a constant importance, and a peaceful state to rest, reflect, and continue intentionally. It contains both the necessity to prune off the unnecessary, and push forward to a more energized self. “NEXT” expires the rebirth of self by showing the personification of a human cell, who has become complacent on the path to revitalization. Renewal cannot happen without pause, and society has prohibited space for enough rest for devout restoration.


Thank you Rebecca Anderson for lending your voice.


Lisbet MacLean

Kemi King

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Mushtari is a GTA based dancer and choreographer with training in North Indian classical dance form ‘Kathak’ and has been practising within the South Asian diaspora since early 2000 following her immigration to Canada from Bangladesh.
While her movement vocabulary is rooted in the classical form, her work is rooted in the essence of ‘Now’ that manifests
itself through conceptual wit, physical rigor and poetic metaphors.

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Shawn Barry, as Booster Rocket Media, works on projects such as concept development, graphic design, web design
and development, along with video production, post-production and animation. Shawn, a musician of many years, is also involved in many arts projects, recording, producing and editing dance and music events for many artists,
particularly in the South Asian classical arts.

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Shawn Barry He/Him

Mushtari Afroz She/Her

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