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By Les Sages Fous
Age 9+


A renegade “carny” from the Fairground rides a tricycle and pulls a trailer full of objects that seem most insignificant; boxes and scraps of things rusted and broken. However, hidden within is a deep mystery of buried memories and fragmented dreams. His Tricycle becomes his accomplice; transforming itself at moments into a Wheel of Fortune, a Ferris Wheel, a Punch Clock, a Beautiful Woman and a Beast. His Trailer and the boxes within it reveal secrets; changing
into cityscapes, back alleys, cargo ships and fairgrounds.Through a strange and mysterious ritual of introspection, the Tricycle guides the
man who relives his birth in a cardboard box, his first love, his life as a showman and his escape from the entertainment industry. His boxes mirror him as a sad jack in the box, a cannonball man... he confronts his mother in the form of a spider, and gets caught in her web, and finally becomes a moth that flies away like a shadow. Free.

Without words / sans parole

Run time: 1 hour

Thursday August 4


Friday August 5


Saturday August 6



Factory 163

163 King St, Stratford

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Les Sages Fous
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For the past 20 years, the Sages Fous have been criss-crossing Europe from Portugal to Finland, from Norway to Romania. The company has presented its shows in the great contemporary puppet and street theater festivals of the continent, held in the major cities, provincial towns, and in most remote villages. Les Sages Fous have performed in castles in Germany, barns in Normandy, villages lost in the mountains of Sardinia, mysterious gardens in Croatia, abandoned factories in Holland, in theatres half destroyed by war in Serbia, and above the arctic circle in the Lofoten Islands.

Les Sages Fous discovered something inspiring in Europe: the decentralization of theater festivals. Networks that encourage the presentation of shows that reach people where they live, bringing the artistic experience to all the populations of a region, not only to those in the big cities. Inspired by the theatre festivals, the audiences, and the artists they have met on their travels, Les Sages Fous returned to Trois-Rivières and created two theatre events dedicated to the creative process in puppetry: The Microfestival of Unfinished Puppetry and the Season of Unusual Theatre. These two events, alternating each year, have welcomed puppeteers from all over the world presenting exciting works-in-progress and finished works to the audience in Trois-Rivières.

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South Miller Artistic Director, Puppet Creator, Mask & Set, Co-Author

Co-founder of Les Sages Fous, South from graduated the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City, a well reputed professional theater school, run by Sanford Meisner, who was a founding member of the Group Theatre. South discovered puppetry by working with Bread and Puppet and Dorset Theater in Vermont, a n d working afterwards
with several companies in Canada and the United States before founding her company in 1999. South was the recipient of the prestigious “Award for Artistic Creation” from the Quebec Arts Council in Quebec. South and her colleague Sylvain have received several awards for their co-set design: Jury Prize at the 39th International Puppet Theatre Festival in Zagreb, Croatia, for the scenography Bizzarium: Aquarium and the Prize for the best scenography and puppets for The Orphan Circus at Spotkania festival in Torun, Poland. South has participated as creator for all the shows of the company as well as making all of the puppets and sets collaboratively with Sylvain. She has toured as an actor-puppeteer with Parade Issimo and Bizzarium. She directed The Orphan Circus and is currently the director of Trickycle. South has toured all over the world with the Sages Fous productions.

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Jacob Brindamour Actor-puppeteer, puppet movement training, co-author

Jacob grew up in a theatre family, where puppets adorned the walls. By co-founding Les Sages Fous, Jacob became, despite himself, a fourth generation actor. Aside from this fallback, his company allows him to follow his wildest dreams and to sail the seven seas. Jacob was formed in mask theater and puppetry by Paul-André Sagel (Centre national des arts du cirque, France), Carina Bonan (Espace Catastrophe, Brussels), Eric Bass (Sandglass Theater, Vermont), Nina Dimitrova (Credo Theatre, Bulgaria), Claire Dancoisne (Théâtre de la Licorne, Lille), and Nicole Mossoux (Mossoux-Bonté, Brussels). Jacob focuses on puppet movement and exploration. He is a puppet tamer. Our puppets are not complete until they have passed through his hands, he has discovered their limits, hasfound all the weak spots and broken them many times. Jacob has participated as creator and performer in all the shows of the company and hastoured all over the world with Les Sages Fous productions.

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Sylvain Longpré Co-author, set design, mechanisms

Sylvain has had a fascination with puppetry ever since he was a kid. He co-founded the company Filentroupe, which won the prize for best creation at the national finals of Cégeps en spectacle in 1993. After studying in architecture, , he built puppets for the Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur and the Théâtre de l'Arbre Muse. Collaborator and creator with Les Sages Fous since 2001, Sylvain builds sets and participates in all levels of creation of the shows. He is an accomplished performer who creates roles from scratch and then passes them on to other actors for touring. He developed some of the roles in Parade Issimo, Bizzarium and The Orphan Circus, and performed in each of the shows before they hit the road.

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Christian Laflamme Original music, soundscape

Christian has been working closely with Les Sages Fous since 2002. A musician and percussionist recognized on the Quebec music scene, he has played nationally and internationally for many years with different group. Over the past 20 years, he has acquired a great mastery of African and Cuban percussion. He composed the haunting music for Bizzarium, as well as the mysterious soundtrack for Cirque Orphelin. For Tricyckle, Christian invented improbable musical instruments with recycled objects, with which
he composes the soundtrack.

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