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Luna Morena
Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Anne Lalancette

Witness the beautifully animated creatures of Animalarium who have come all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico!

Accompanied by a traveling sound installation, these animals will interact with any person, place or thing they happen upon. They discover the space and interact with it and with people, generating a "new" ecosystem between reality and fiction.

Creative Direction by Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
Puppet Design by Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
Puppet Building by Claude Rodriguez, Beto Galicia, Américo García, Alondra García, Yaxel Gutiérrez, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
Puppeteers: Karina Valle, Maggie Perfecto, Yaxel Gutiérrez, Erick Ramírez, Anne Lalancette, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
Sound Design & Tech by LAB 10 Jorge González (Cuervo)
Costumes by Anna Luneau y Bernabé Covarrubias


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