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Cache Cache Puppet Walk



Puzzle Théâtre
Csaba Raduly, Pavla Mano

​It is a playful journey in the forest where the artists and the public while walking together discover and give life to unique, funny or mystical fairground creatures hidden among trees and rocks in the park. It is a unique puppet walk where kids and grown ups, using their imagination and creativity, could find behind every twig a knight, behind every leaf a butterfly, behind every branch a dragon…

Since 2015 Puzzle Théâtre, in collaboration with FIAMS (International Puppet Festival in Saguenay), has been working on an extraordinary project which became the favorite activity of the Festival audience : Cache-cache marionnettes. Created from dead wood found in the forest, the puppets surprise and entertain us with their little funny stories.

This particular hiking in the nature ends with a short workshop where each kid is invited to make a wooden creature that he can bring home.

A fun and unusual pathway for the whole family.


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