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Divine Interventions



Kelsey Verzotti, Barbara Johnston, Tracy Michailidis, Trudy Lee Gayle, Barbara Fulton

There comes a time in every story when it feels like hope is lost. Everything is going wrong, all options have been exhausted, and the only thing left to do is pray for Divine Interventions.

Developed in confinement, this outdoor processional performance is a playful response to the challenges of 2020 and beyond. Five goddesses descend from the heavens and tour the streets of Toronto on a giant quint tandem bicycle, having received word that the world is in dire need of their help. Through a suite of new songs by Dora-winning composer Anika Johnson, they offer blessings, prayers, guidance and the occasional rebuke.

Choreographer Bonnie Kim creates a movement language that evokes divine wisdom and timeless ritual, while CORPUS’ co-founder and artistic director David Danzon injects the performance with the company’s trademark humour and whimsy alongside long-time company member Matt O’Connor.

Featuring a diverse cast of powerhouse female performers, Divine Interventions is a sincere offering for these chaotic times. Audiences may encounter the piece unexpectedly as the goddesses pass by on their giant bicycle or witness a transformative ritual when the women disembark to sing and bless an urban street corner or a public park. Regardless, it is the intention of the work to offer a sense of magic, beauty, and the reignited hope that perhaps we are indeed being cared for by something divine.

David Danzon – Artistic Director
Anika Johnson – Musical Director and Co-Creator
Matthew O’Connor – Co-Creator
Bonnie Kim – Choreographer
Kelsey Verzotti - Performer
Barbara Johnston - Performer
Tracy Michailidis - Performer
Trudy Lee Gayle - Performer
Barbara Fulton - Performer 


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