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Fire...Stones...and Stories



Théâtre des Petites Âmes
Isabelle Payant

"Fire. Stones. Stories. 

Three things I love very much. 

Sitting around the fire, we are together. Here and now.

There is nature. There are people.

And stories. Always stories.

Around the fire, you will be sitting comfortably in complete safety and you will help us. With the stones you choose, we will discover images, objects, characters… and then…
Once upon a time…

Every gathering will be unique… each story will only exist with you, the teller… and the fire.

There will be laughter, songs and love

Join us… Fire… stones and stories,"

                                                       Isabelle Payant.

For families with kids ages 3 - 8

This lovely company hosted the "Garden for Little Ones", an interactive puppet structures play area, at our last 2 PuppetWorks! summer mini-fests and they brought to life PEKKA, their wonderful piece that follows the adventures of a brave, little turtle (Stratford City Hall).


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