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Jacques et Zèbrelle



Genevieve Jacob, Shovane Brisindi, Pascal Duguay Gosselin, Jeremie Samson, Fannie Lezarts

Jacques falls madly in love with Zèbrelle and will try to seduce her by all means.

After having tried without success the traditional poem, card and bouquet of flowers, it is thanks to a metaphor with the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein that Jacques and Zèbrelle will finally get closer.

Jacques & Zèbrelle, our characters with oversized heads, come from an imaginary world of surrealist and romantic inspiration. Accompanied by a juggler riding a tricycle, our two 12-foot-tall protagonists stroll to festive and lively rhythms. Their heads, meticulously crafted from recycled materials, make them true living works of art!

Jacques et Zèbrelle will be walking around downtown Stratford as well as a puppets, stilts & circus show in Veterans Drive Park. See the schedule below for details!


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