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La Source D'Or & Les Oiseaux



Les Chasseurs de Rêves
Jocelyne Meugnier

Les Chasseurs de Rêves showcase extraordinary characters, gigantic puppets created from scratch, and handled by stilt walkers!

Magical creatures stride the walkways and delight those enjoying one of Stratford’s amazing “Al Fresco”  opportunities - patios and parks, picnics, sip and sup with more than 25 restaurants to inspire your palate. Gloriously garbed stilt-walking artists, river walks, sun and shade and evening lights provide insta-inspiring moments you can share with all your friends.

These puppets roam the festival for all to enjoy! 

This mixed tribe has travelled the world for more than twenty years, constantly innovating and inventing itself.

A fusion of visual arts, circus arts and street theatre, the characters from les Chasseurs des Rêves (The Dream Hunters) come alive and express themselves through the lens of the great ideals that are Beauty, Freedom,


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