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Worlds of Puppets
Bernd Ogrodnik, Augusta Skuladottir, Pall Ragnarssson, Thorunn E. Sveinsdottir

“Metamorphosis” is a collection of original short stories not told with words, but with the metaphorical grace of Puppets.

The context of the vignettes ranges from the trivial to the metaphysical. A strong emphasis lies on imagery, made possible through the surrealistic quality inherent in Puppets.

“Metamorphosis” depicts the constantly changing nature of our existence and our perception. Nothing remains the way it seems to be, as it does not matter what we see but how we see it.

The cast consists of the most intricate marionettes and rod puppets carved of wood, as well as unforgettable characters created simply with silk scarves and the hands and feet of the puppeteer.

​Without words / sans parole


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