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Ombres Folles

Adaptation of the Miguel de Cervantes novel : "The Ingenious Nobleman Don Quijote of La Mancha"

In a world – made of paper – that is both ruthless and fragile, Quijote and Sancho are looking for adventure. Stepping in are the vivid and larger-than-life imagination of the frail knight as well as shadow theatre! But the beliefs of Quijote are too powerful. Wherever he turns, everyone thinks he is crazy and people make fun of him. Following a clown duo that seeks both friendship and glory, the audience embarks on an epic that asks profound questions about our desires.

The topics raised by Cervantes more than 400 years ago are still relevant today, in the age of social media. Like Quijote who seeks glory by pretending to be a knight, don't we often seek to perfect our virtual identity, even if it means altering it to gain prestige? Where is the limit between ambition and illusion? Between dream and madness?

With its curious paper characters and ingenious shadow theater, Quijote continues to fascinate young and old alike!


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