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Side-by-Side: Winter Bach



Jörgen Dance
Toronto Symphony, Joseph Johnson, Nicola Pantin, Tyler Gledhill, Ryan Lee, Adrianna Cote, Aria Wilson, Ana Isabel 'Chabi' Arauz

An exploration through music and dance of living in the shadow and the light of a father and his son. Gifted masters and emerging young talent directed by Mark Fewer, interpret this complicated dichotomy through their artistry.

Members of the Toronto Symphony are joined by young musicians from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music in performances of music by J.S. and C.P.E. Bach. Opening with C.P.E.'s youthful and zesty String Symphony, the TSO's principal cellist Joseph Johnson then perform's the iconic Cello Concerto in A Minor. To finish, the choreography of Nicola Pantin, established dance artists Tyler Gledhill and Ryan Lee, and three glorious mentees from Jörgen Dance, sheds light on J.S. Bach's Third Orchestral Suite. Together Stratford Summer Music and SpringWorks will create, interpret, and illuminate through intergenerational inspiration.


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