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Something's Rotten! (in the state of Denmark) / Il y a quelque chose de pourri



Elvis Alatac
Elvis Alatac

A French madman and clown takes on a 55 minute version of Hamlet with object puppetry, performed "mostly in English". 

If you are a Shakespearean purist, be prepared…

​The show features two men, one restless and talkative, the other taciturn and silent. They have invited an audience to their little caste made of odds and ends to present their show: Hamlet by William Shakespeare. 

The man in the castelet will replay the tragedy of Prince Hamlet by assigning the roles to objects. His awkwardness, his runaway mind and his multiple deviations from the story make the presentation increasingly unhinged. The man next door to this castle supports the experience with sound effects, music and other effects. Together, they will tell the terrible fate of Denmark... by any means necessary.

For ages 12 and over

“This puppet version [of Hamlet] by the company Elvis Alatac should live on forever with its many adventures and flops, its clever nod to the cinema of Coppola (The Godfather ) and Friedkin (The Exorcist ) and the supercharged play of Pier Porcheron. There is something funny, irresistibly funny in the kingdom of Sir Hamlet!" - Thierry Voisin, Télérama (translated from French)


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