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Sound of the Beast/Bag of Stones



54ology, Space in Point
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Jazz Kamal (aka Nari), Cole Alvis, Adam Booth, Daniel Thau-Eleff, Gerard Harris, Jahsun, Clare Preuss, Yvette Nolan, Pamela Gilmartin, Jivesh Parasram, Andy McKim, David Mesiha, Kern Albert

Sticks and stones may break my bones but the wrong rhymes can get you up to three years. Be nice. This longform narrative spoken word performance is inspired by Tunisian emcee, Weld-El 15 who was pursued and eventually jailed for performing his song, Boulicia Kleb (The Police Are Dogs). Through this lens, the piece touches on censorship, the solitude of self-imposed exile, civil disobedience and abuse of authority, while juxtaposing cuts from controversial tracks closer to home


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