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The Immigrant



Guiseppe Condello

Yes, I do have educational support material as well as letters of support attached to with Reviews. Also, please view video of "Remembrance Day Mime Skit" on my Media page on my website:<> that I worked on for 10 hrs. with high school students and was later performed for that special event. You can also view on the same page excerpts of past performances of mine. Workshops Description: I offer 70 min. Workshops on Corporeal Mime: The Actors Art of Movement with a focus on; mime technique, concentration, character analysis, rhythm, yoga, improvisation, building students self-confidence and self-esteem and much more. I will also be conducting daily workshops in Toronto for TorontoUniversitySchools and evening workshops at the Pia Bouman Dance Studio from Nov. 17-22. If you wish to attend any of these workshops, please contact me direct.


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