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Three Fairy Tales / Contes finement adaptés



Théâtre Motus
Hélène Ducharme, Mathilde Addy-Laird, Sounia Balha, Ximena Ferrer, Pauline Stive, Pavla Mano

Three French Puppeteers using Tabletop Puppetry embody the characters from three famous fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and The Wolf, The Goat, and The Kids. 

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood):
A little girl goes on a journey to visit her grandmother, wearing her favourite red riding cloak. When she runs into a mischievous wolf, he tricks her into revealing where she is headed. When the little girl arrives at her grandmother's house, she has no idea that her grandmother is really the wolf in disguise!

Le Trois Petits Cochons (The Three Little Pigs):
Three pig brothers build three houses for themselves. The first two pigs use straw and sticks. The last brother makes his house out of bricks. When a hungry wolf goes looking for a snack, he huffs and puffs and tries to blow each house down. Which brother's house will stand against the wolf's test?

Le Loup, La Chèvre et Les Sept Chevreaux (The Wolf, The Goat, and The Seven Kids):
When a mother goat needs to leave for the market she warns her seven little kids about the Big Bad Wolf. When the mother leaves, the trickster wolf appears. Using sneaky gimmicks, he tries to fool the kids into believing he is their mother.

Experience traditional tales told with a twist… Let your child’s imagination run wild with beautiful paper puppets! Short and sweet 25 minute performances presented entirely in French, these shows are ideal for young ones 5 and up and busy families.


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