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The Guide

 You are about to go on a journey into the silence of your mind... 

Listen to my voice, it will guide you. 

Today is the day of all days, an alarm clock sounds and couscous the clown has... an awakening (of sorts). 

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The Purple Coat

Jona Villa is a proud Filipino-Canadian actor, singer and creator based in Toronto. A 2021

graduate of Humber College’s Theatre Performance Program, her work as a creator and

performer includes stories that place the lived experiences of people of colour at the very center

of the narrative. Jona is grateful that as an artist, she has a platform to incite change and to

listen and grow as a performer and a citizen of the world.

 This poetry piece is the story of an incident that happened on the playground one day during recess. How simple wintertime fun and games between boys and girls can quickly change into crossing a line that young girls didn’t even know existed.

Content Warnings: sexual assault, mature/explicit language

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