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tapashta Episode 1

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The Bull Play

The Bull Play is written and directed by Brady Madsen, starring Jamar Adams-Thompson, Sofie Jarvis, and Conor Murphy. Encompassing archeology, history, and myth, we retell the Greek story of the Minotaur, a half-man, half-bull creature that lives in the centre of a great maze on the island of Crete. This project is an excerpt of the larger work, which was begun with the support of Start the Riot Theatre in 2021.

Brady Madsen He/Him


100 years of “Ain’t we got Fun”


We are a professional husband and wife comedy tap-dance duo, who have worked in international variety/circus shows for over 30 years. Follow our Vaudeville characters  “Dik and Mitzi” as they discover how to perform a hundred year old song, without a stage, band or audience. Filmed in a basement apartment in rural Quebec, they are literally building a new way to perform from the ground up. This video includes tap-dance, comic banter and the song  “Ain’t we got Fun!” written around the 1918 pandemic.

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Andrea Conway She/Her

Wayne Doba He/Him

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