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tapashta Episode 2

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For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse is a piece about closure and the impact we have on others. The show follows a couple who are moving out of their shared apartment. It quickly escalates into physical mess and emotional chaos as they process the end of their relationship. It was created and produced over the span of three weeks by Roanna de Guzman, Naomi Kaplan, Alice Marin, Sofia Shahbaz Zadeh, Megan Werle, Austin White, and Mya Wong.

Mya Wong_Headshot.jpg

Mya Wong She/Her

Roanna de Guzman_Headshot.jpg

Roanna de Guzman She/Her

Sofia Shahbaz Zadeh_Headshot.jpg

Sofia Shahbaz Zahdeh She/Her

Naomi Kaplan_Headshot.jpeg

Naomi Kaplan She/Her

Megan Werle_Headshot.jpg

Megan Werle She/Her

Austin White_Headshot.JPG

Austin White He/They

Alice Marin_Headshot.jpg

Alice Marin She/Her

Alexander Franks headshot He,Him.jpg

Cheerleader Sprite Squad

“Life beats down and crushes the soul. And art reminds you that you have one,” Stella Adler. This quote is what inspired Alexander Franks to become an artist and what inspired this audio piece to spark joy and connection. He has had the honor of serving as producer, general manager, actor and creator for companies such as Mixed Company Theatre, Spur Of The Moment Shakespeare Collective, Tactics Theatre, Fu-Gen Asian Canadian Theatre Company and Ergo Arts Theatre. He would like to thank all those he has had the pleasure of working and learning alongside who continue to inspire him.

Alex Franks He/Him

Seeking Giants

Seeking Giants Collective is an emerging circus-theatre collective. We are interdisciplinary artists creating at the intersection of theatre and circus. Our collective came together through a curiosity of stilts and spectacle and penchant for playful performance. We love to tell stories through  unique characters. Whimsy and the unexpected are key elements of our work. Featured in this work-in-progress exploration of stilts in space are Caitlin Morris-Cornfield, Hayley Landry, Vanita Butrsingkorn and Zita Nyarady. With music by Melissa Mather and additional support by Myque Franz.

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Zita Nyarady Headshot.JPG

Zita Nyarady She/Her

Vanita Butrsingkorn Headshot.jpg

Vanita Butrsingkorn She/Her

Hayley Landry Headshot.JPG

Hayley Landry She/Her

Melissa Mather Headshot.jpg

Melissa Mather She/Her

Myque Franz Headshot.JPG

Myque Franz He/Him

Caitlin Morris-Cornfield Headshot.jpg

Caitlin Morris Cornfield She/Her

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