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tapashta Episode 3

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Spindle Collective and Riot King present a ‘prologue' to our play-in-development, SAMCA, written by Natalia Bushnik and Kathleen Welch. Filmed remotely in both Toronto and Ireland, we explore how our titular character, Samca, came to be the ‘monster’ found in Romanian mythology. Directed by Brendan Kinnon. Featuring performances by Natalia Bushnik (‘Samca’, voiceover), Madeline Kennedy (‘Young Woman’), Kathleen Welch (‘Samca’). Music composed and performed by Kathleen Welch. Sound design and editing by Jonathan Brown. Video editing by Natalia Bushnik. A huge thank you to the SpringWorks team for providing a platform to experiment with new methods of storytelling.

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NataliaBushnik_sheher (1).jpg

Natalia Bushnik She/Her

BrendanKinnon_hehim (1).PNG
JonathanBrown_hehim (1).jpg

Brendan Kinnon He/Him

Jonathan Brown He/Him

MadelineKennedy_sheher (2).jpg

Madeline Kennedy She/Her

Kathleen Welch She/Her

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Becca Willow Moss She/Her/They

I Know How She Feels

Becca Willow Moss is an advocate for using artistic outlets to express the emotional landscape contained within the body. As a singer, actor, writer, director and photographer, she employs all art forms to communicate. After being nominated as an upcoming actor and writer on Canadian screens, she has produced original works in Toronto, New York, and San Francisco. Currently, she focuses on working with elderly members of various communities, and exploring her heritage. Maintaining her mandate to tell honest stories, Becca Willow hopes her personal experiences will resonate with others.

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