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Jacques et Zèbrelle

By  Extravaganz'arts
All Ages

Jacques falls madly in love with Zèbrelle and will try to seduce her by all means.


After having tried without success the traditional poem, card and bouquet of flowers, it is thanks to a metaphor with the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein that Jacques and Zèbrelle will finally get closer.

Jacques & Zèbrelle, our characters with oversized heads, come from an imaginary world of surrealist and romantic inspiration. Accompanied by a juggler riding a tricycle, our two 12-foot-tall protagonists stroll to festive and lively rhythms. Their heads, meticulously crafted from recycled materials, make them true living works of art!

Jacques et Zèbrelle will be walking around downtown Stratford as well as a puppets, stilts & circus show in Veterans Drive Park. See the schedule below for details!

Jacques et Zèbrelle Stilt Walks: 
Saturday Aug 6 - 10am & 3:30pm
Sunday Aug 7 - 10am & 2pm

Strolling around downtown Stratford 
Jacques et Zèbrelle Puppet, Stilts & Circus Show:
Saturday Aug 6 & Sunday 7 - 12:00pm NOON

Run time: 30 minutes
Please bring your own chair for seating


Downtown Stratford

**Puppets, stilts & circus show in Veterans Drive Park Open Air Performance Space


This is a free event!

PuppetWorks Pods

Tickets to World in a Weekend are being sold in pods. Pods = 1-5 patrons attending programming together. This allows your family, group of friends, etc. to attend for just one low cost.

The base pod price is $30. If you wish to donate further, a tax receipt will be issued.

If you would like tickets to Stratford Summer Music please click here!

Covid Safety Tips!

At this time, SpringWorks will not be distancing patron pods. Masks and proof of vaccination will be required for indoor programming only. SpringWorks will continue to monitor government and Public Health guidelines and implement any necessary changes to ensure the safety of all involved.


This venue is an outdoor venue, which means that masks are not required as long as you are socially distanced. Please bring a mask if it makes you and your pod feel more comfortable! PuppetWorks will follow suit with any changes made by the province in the future.

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Born from a surrealist and fantastic vision and from the desire to make science and art interact, the show Jacques & Zèbrelle : All is Not Relative is resolutely atypical. On the borders of circus, visual theater, street art and puppet manipulation, it features two protagonists who are embodied in different ways: as characters on stilts wearing oversized animal heads and as small string puppets. A third character, an acrobat and puppeteer, completes the cast. The poetic, surrealist and scientific worlds come together in an unusual show that tells the story of Jacques and Zèbrelle's love affair.


It was presented in June 2021 as a residency outing as part of the Micro-festival de marionnettes inachevées, organized by Les Sages Fous, and as a world premiere at the Festival International des Arts de la Marionnette in Saguenay in July 2021. Following a creation residency at the École Supérieure de Théâtre de l'UQAM in May 2022, the new version of the show will premiere at the PuppetWorks! festival in Stratford in August.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.53.22 AM.png
Genevieve Jacob 

Directrice technique, assistante à la mise en scène, régie, arrangements sonores et +

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.53.32 AM.png
Shovane Brisindi

Échassière, chorégraphe, conseillère et +

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.53.41 AM.png
Pascal Duguay Gosselin

Acrobate et marionnettiste

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.54.10 AM.png
Jeremie Samson

Technicien et assistant à la conception d'accessoires

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.53.06 AM.png
Fannie Lezarts

Idéatrice, directrice artistique, échassière, conception visuelle et co-mise en scène

Further Creative Credits

Co-auteur, voix, conseiller scientifique et + : Stéphane Durand                                        

Conseiller artistique et co-metteur en scène : Marc-André Roy                                        

Accessoiriste et fabrication des marionnettes à tringles : Cloé Lapointe


Composition musicale : Dominic Gamelin                                        


Conception costumes : Camille Garneau et Geneviève Beauchamp                                        

Conception accessoires : Cloé Lapointe et Geneviève Jacob                                        

Renfort à la réalisation d'accessoires : Charlotte Devyver et EliZabeth Bosquet

Complices et collaborateurs·trices à la création : Stéphanie Belanger, Gabrielle Garant, Lise-Andrée Champagne, Valérie Lagrange, Arnaud Polette, Romy Ninja, Phil Do, Anne Tardif, Magali Huchet, Jawa, Gabrielle du Closet d'Alibabette, Laeticia Laedy Diy, Sarah Laub, Marykate Bouchard-Forbes, Mélina, Toto et Ju

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