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New Plays for Spring Days

As part of our NewWorks programming, we are thrilled to present an exciting double-bill event of two new plays by emerging Canadian playwrights. Join us for an special presentation of these works-in-progress, each followed by a talk-back to learn more about the piece and it's development!


Doors: 6:30pm

Show: 7:00pm

General Admission | $30

Stratford Perth Museum



Doors: 1:30pm

Show: 2:00pm

General Admission | $30

Stratford Perth Museum

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Alicia Plummer

It Just Bugs Me

by Alicia Plummer

It Just Bugs Me is about two black women 10 years apart (Stephanie, 19, and Nicole, 29,) who attend adult swimming lessons that never begin. This one-act play is witty, weird, off-kilter and a drama that an audience will be on the edge of their seat for. It explores the question: what happens when two different yet similar women who have never met, find themselves in a place they cannot leave? The play touches on themes of loneliness, anxiety, sisterly love, and self-discovery.

Talking to Dead Cats in the Night
by Kiera Publicover

When two sisters are reunited in the middle of the night to hold a funeral for the frozen corpse of their childhood cat, they slowly unbury more of themselves, their shared history, and their shared pain that has been long buried deep in the ground. Talking to Dead Cats in the Night is a one act, dark comedy by Kiera Publicover that explores themes such as sisterhood, memory, family and childhood. In this surreal nighttime dreamscape, the audience follows two sisters on their unique paths to healing through humor and family.

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