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Awaaz, “voice” in Hindi, is a piece exploring emotional states of being. Each figure represents the embodiment of a different emotional state but of the same character. Five of these “copies” are released in the same digital space. How do these energies interact? Choreographer Rameez Karim explores his own fabric that comprises his personality.  

“My creative process for this piece was extremely exploratory and condensed with information. The subject matter is very sensitive and intimate. This puts me in a state of public vulnerability but I believe this is needed. The process of creating Awaaz was very introspective and reflective.”

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Fairy Garden Wonderland

Fairies, fireflies, unicorns and critters of the queerest kind come to life in a musical saw aria culminating in a majestic rainbow! Watch as a garden transforms, in real-time, into a magical symphony of colour, sound and animated mayhem. An imaginary space transcending colonialism, heteropatriarchy, and cisnormativity.  

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