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With Love, 23

This work acts as a time capsule from the artist’s twenty-three-year-old selves to their future selves. It embodies the sensations, experiences, hardships, and triumphs of three female friends with diverse personal and cultural backgrounds. It feels as though to be twenty-three is to be the epitome of “in-between”, just completing, and just beginning. 

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"MP4", by Becca Willow Moss, refers to a file format that contains audio and visual capabilities. However, it can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images. "MP4" acknowledges the room for accessibility and inclusivity through the use of new formats. Becca Willow's personal journey as an artist has been aided by access to help and introspection; the nuances of formatting and changing.  "MP4" uses self-portraiture and self-directed art to provide insight into colorful chronic illness.

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