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Talk in Tap

Talking Tap - a combination of tap dance and abstract shoe puppets.


A postcard from our creation studio in Quebec;  watch and listen as we explore non verbal rhythm communication using our feet as different characters who express their thoughts and emotions. Expect crazy conversation, humor and the unexpected!

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Antje’s Summer Vacay

Antje is a little wooden puppet on her first road trip in beautiful BC. She encounters unusual animals, bakes pretzels, and goes camping. Challenges along the way include smoky skies and broken limbs, but overall, the holiday is a success. She returns home with dreams of her next summer vacay.

Anna-Maria’s lifelong curiosity has led her on a merry journey from the biological sciences to baked

goods, from fine arts to textile arts and, most recently, to carved wooden puppets. She’s learning that

puppets have voices and stories to tell, as well as dreams to share with others.


Influenced will entertain, disturb and strike a personal chord in anyone with a feed. It’s just for you: yes, you. The Girl is an ‘us’. Or is she a ‘them’? We’ll leave it to you to suss out as Sam Chaulk charmingly, audaciously and joyously mocks influencers, “experts” and algorithms.

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