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What Else to Say?

This is a multidisciplinary dialogue between past and present; mysticism and realism; suffering and joy.  Based upon interviews with our own grandparents, and our own reflections, we explore the connection we find between their stories, and our recent lived experiences. Pushing against shame, intergenerational trauma, and assimilation.

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 When I Was a Little Boy

breton lalama (he/they) is an, actor, writer, and multi medium performer whose work largely plays on queering social narratives and investigating duality and performativity. theatre credits include: soulpepper, neptune, royal manitoba theatre center, broadway world award (best featured performer in a touring production- hair national tour). film credits include: Y: The Last Man (FX/Hulu), Slasher (Shudder), Pretty Hard Cases (CBC). their play, LAST SHOW ON EARTH TRADEMARK SYMBOL! is premiering as part of neptune theatres's 2024 season and he is currently tarragon theatre's rbc emerging artist in residence.

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