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I'm Okay

“I’m Okay” features a collaboration between artists from three different countries. Originally written by London-based songwriter Cordelia O’Driscoll for her musical “Buried”, Joel Cumber, Kelsey Verzotti, and Georgia Bennett (Toronto) of “The Quarantrio” recorded an audio version of the song while Pamela Kerr (a Zebugg, Malta-based artist) choreographed and performed a dance piece.

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To: My Genderful Future

Kez is a nonbinary, genderqueer comedian/artistic performer from Kitchener ON. They have performed at the Just For Laughs Festival, Guelph Comedy Festival, Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, Together We're Boisterous, Gender Outlaws, Joke's at Jane's, The Making Box, and Comic Sans, to name a few! In the past they have worked with theatre companies such as Page 1 Productions, Green Light Arts, Lightning Banjo Productions, and Dead Name Theatre. Kez wears their heart not only on their sleeve, but as a 3 piece suit.


As a trans person, there has been much change throughout my life! I want to write to a younger me and give her advice and a guiding word. And I want her to ask me questions to better equip herself with life ahead.

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