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Something's Rotten! 
(in the state of Denmark)
Il y a quelque chose de pourri

By Elvis Alatac

A French madman and clown takes on a 55 minute version of Hamlet with object puppetry, performed "mostly in English". 

If you are a Shakespearean purist, be prepared…

​The show features two men, one restless and talkative, the other taciturn and silent. They have invited an audience to their little caste made of odds and ends to present their show: Hamlet by William Shakespeare. 

The man in the castelet will replay the tragedy of Prince Hamlet by assigning the roles to objects. His awkwardness, his runaway mind and his multiple deviations from the story make the presentation increasingly unhinged. The man next door to this castle supports the experience with sound effects, music and other effects. Together, they will tell the terrible fate of Denmark... by any means necessary.

For ages 12 and over

“This puppet version [of Hamlet] by the company Elvis Alatac should live on forever with its many adventures and flops, its clever nod to the cinema of Coppola (The Godfather ) and Friedkin (The Exorcist ) and the supercharged play of Pier Porcheron. There is something funny, irresistibly funny in the kingdom of Sir Hamlet!" - Thierry Voisin, Télérama (translated from French)

MORE information follows
Elvis Alatac

Thursday, August 19

8:30pm (mostly English)

Friday, August 20

4:30 pm (mostly English)

Saturday, August 21

9:00 pm (mostly English)

Sunday, August 22

12:30 pm (French) , 3:30pm (mostly English)


Surprise Outdoor Locations

Check in at Gallery Stratford Upon Arrival

54 Romeo Street,

Stratford, N5A 4S9

With support from:


Inclement Weather Shows WILL Proceed
We will provide individual Tent Top coverage
(no sides, 10 by 10) placed separately for each pod

Pay What You Choose -
$20, and up

tax receipts are available for the portion contributed above $20


One fee per POD (household, bubble, family)
1 pod is up to 5 people

All pods are safely spaced, each pod a minimum of 2 meters from the others

Quick Covid Screening
Gallery Stratford Covid ASSESSMENT QR CODE (1).png

This QR Code links to a COVID Assesment survey.


A link to this assessment will also be in your ticket confirmation email.

Please fill the form within 2hrs of the SHOW.

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Elvis Alatac

More Info Coming!

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Pier Porcheron

Artistic Director

At the Poitiers Conservatory where I graduated in 2008 with a DNOP (National Diploma of Professional Orientation) in dramatic art, I played under the direction of Etienne Pommeret, Jean Boillot, Agnès Delhume, Jacques David, Jacques Vincet. I received teaching there from Marc Proux, Allan Fairban, Bertrand Bossart, Claire Lasnes Darcueil, Jean Marie Villegier.

During my studies, I met Louise Lapointe (Director of the Maison Internationale de la Marionnette) during an exchange with the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Montreal. She took me on as an assistant in the making of leather masks for the Conservatory of Dramatic Art the year I left school. She introduced me to the world of Quebec puppetry.

After playing a wonderful show put on by Claire Lasne Darcueil, one of those who mark a life, I went to join Agnès Zacharie in Quebec City and her company, the Ubus Théâtre. From that moment on, a whole bunch of boundaries between theater, puppetry, scenography and staging collapsed or rather mingled to allow me to do my theater. 

There I got to know Francis Monty and the theater of the Pire Espèce. With the help of Francis Monty's gaze, I finished building my first show, Something Is Rotten! Hamlet in Object Theater. I had another important meeting there, that of Fabrice Tremblay. Then I returned to France after three years and I founded the company Elvis Alatac. Since then, there has been Petite Neige, Première Neige, En Difficulté… so many shows that are different and at the same time imbued with the same touch. Each show is the starting point for another. Each has in him the beginning of the next. Since then I have defined myself as a show author.

Julie Reynard Headshot.jpg
Julie Reynard
Administrative Management

My name is Julie Reynard, I have lived in Poitiers for 20 years.

I work in the culture sector, I went through several institutions and associations in Poitiers and I am now self-employed by offering management and administration services to cultural players and more specifically for entertainment companies living via  JR Company .

I like to see culture as a right in its daily practice , in the exchange of experiences  that it brings as a means of emancipation  for all.

I have always had questions about the idea of ​​individual power and how we allow personal ambitions to be carried out in defiance of the common good. In 2011, during a professional experience in Quebec, I discovered  cooperatives  and I saw them as a way to promote collective work  within an organization. I pushed this reflection on collective work in a cooperative by obtaining a  master's degree in managing organizations with a social and cultural vocation  at the CNAM in Paris in 2017.

Elvis Alatac
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