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Divine Interventions

Presented by CORPUS

There comes a time in every story when it feels like hope is lost. Everything is going wrong, all options have been exhausted, and the only thing left to do is pray for Divine Interventions.

Developed in confinement, this outdoor processional performance is a playful response to the challenges of 2020 and beyond. Five goddesses descend from the heavens and tour the streets of Toronto on a giant quint tandem bicycle, having received word that the world is in dire need of their help. Through a suite of new songs by Dora-winning composer Anika Johnson, they offer blessings, prayers, guidance and the occasional rebuke.


Choreographer Bonnie Kim creates a movement language that evokes divine wisdom and timeless ritual, while CORPUS’ co-founder and artistic director David Danzon injects the performance with the company’s trademark humour and whimsy alongside long-time company member Matt O’Connor.


Featuring a diverse cast of powerhouse female performers, Divine Interventions is a sincere offering for these chaotic times. Audiences may encounter the piece unexpectedly as the goddesses pass by on their giant bicycle or witness a transformative ritual when the women disembark to sing and bless an urban street corner or a public park. Regardless, it is the intention of the work to offer a sense of magic, beauty, and the reignited hope that perhaps we are indeed being cared for by something divine.



David Danzon – Artistic Director
Anika Johnson – Musical Director and Co-Creator
Matthew O’Connor – Co-Creator
Bonnie Kim – Choreographer
Kelsey Verzotti - Performer
Barbara Johnston - Performer

Tracy Michailidis - Performer
Trudy Lee Gayle - Performer
Barbara Fulton - Performer 

Presented OUTDOORS in surprise locations
at Gallery Stratford - 
54 Romeo St.

Covid screening and protocols in place

MORE information follows


The audience will be placed in the centre of the presentation.

The artists will travel and stop around the perimeters of the audience during the performance.

The attendees will turn to follow the action as appropriate. (stools and chairs will be provided)

Saturday, September 18

2:00 pm

Saturday, September 18

6:00 pm

Seating is safely spaced in pods of 1 to 5 people (each pod is 2 metres from the next pod).
A pod is a group who choose to come together and are comfortable in close proximity to eachother. 
Masks are required when one comes any nearer than 2 metres to other patrons.



Surprise locations at 

Gallery Stratford

54 Romeo St.


Co-founded by Sylvie Bouchard and artistic director David Danzon, CORPUS is known for its precise and surrealist humour that combines movement with theatrical imagery.


CORPUS’ unique and engaging performances are presented in both traditional and unusual locations for large and diverse audiences. Created in 1997, CORPUS now has 14 pieces in its repertoire and has presented over 2000 performances at venues and events across Canada and around the world in 34 countries on five continents. CORPUS is particularly acclaimed in Japan where the company has performed annually since 2008.

CORPUS’ work can also be seen on television and on film. The Bravo!FACT short Peep Show has been programmed in over 50 film festivals around the world and won the Audience Award at Cinedans (Netherlands) in 2004. CORPUS also co-created with Treehouse TV, 4-square, a popular educational television series for pre-schoolers.

Several of CORPUS’ productions have been nominated for Dora Mavor Moore awards and in 2002, CORPUS was the recipient of the Prix Hommage for Arts awarded by the Fédération Culturelle Canadienne Française. In 2001, CORPUS was also the gold-medal winner at the IV Games of la francophonie (Street Theatre category) with A Flock of Flyers.


In 1993, Sylvie Bouchard created Dusk Dances, a summer outdoor dance festival, which takes place in urban public parks. In 1996, Bouchard and Danzon partnered to produce the festival annually. Dusk Dances was produced by CORPUS for 8 years. Dusk Dances, now an independent entity, is one of the most popular events in Toronto and Ontario.

In 2017, CORPUS proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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