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La Source D'Or & Les Oiseaux

By les Chasseurs de Rêves
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Les Chasseurs de Rêves showcase extraordinary characters, gigantic puppets created from scratch, and handled by stilt walkers!

Magical creatures stride the walkways and delight those enjoying one of Stratford’s amazing “Al Fresco”  opportunities - patios and parks, picnics, sip and sup with more than 25 restaurants to inspire your palate. Gloriously garbed stilt-walking artists, river walks, sun and shade and evening lights provide insta-inspiring moments you can share with all your friends.

These puppets roam the festival for all to enjoy! 

This mixed tribe has travelled the world for more than twenty years, constantly innovating and inventing itself.

A fusion of visual arts, circus arts and street theatre, the characters from les Chasseurs des Rêves (The Dream Hunters) come alive and express themselves through the lens of the great ideals that are Beauty, Freedom, Harmony.

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les Chasseurs de Rêves


These puppets will magically appear in various locations around Stratford.

The artists will cross paths starting after Summer Music's 1:00 pm, Saturday the 21st Barge Concert, and before and after on 4:30 Saturday, and 1:00 and 4:30  Sunday Barge Music Concerts.
They will stroll around the Market Square near the Multicultural Festival's beginning Saturday  and around the patios and river walks on the evening of Saturday.

Tha Magical artists are arriving the evening of August the 20th and we will know even more then about their 30 minute paths.

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For safety purposes we ask that you keep a respectful 2 metres distance between yourself and the performers. 

Feel free to take photos and videos as you please! 

Don't forget to tag us @springworksfestival and use our hashtag: #SWFPuppetWorks

When Interacting with Strollers...
les Chasseurs des Rêves
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les Chasseurs de Rêves - The Dream Hunters

At the source of all nature and living beings, there is the wisdom of the creator, the conductor with mysterious designs. Love, Beauty and Freedom are three great ideals we hold close. It is the motto of the les Chasseurs des Rêves and is inscribed on our coat of arms. 

Les Chasseurs des Rêves create their work by bringing together song, music, clowning, acrobatics, contortion, acting, dance, juggling, physical theater, mime and of course stilts. The artists embodying the characters and puppets of les Chasseurs des Rêves are professionals trained mostly at Les Grandes Écoles.

Our mission is to hold up a mirror reflecting the beauty of the world, to sow seeds of hope and to inspire free beings to pursue a higher purpose for the good of all.

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Jocelyne Meugnier

Artistic Director

Based in Montreal since 2004, Jocelyne Meugnier Producer, Artistic Director, Co-founder of les Chasseurs des Rêves and talented costume designer, invents and creates characters bursting with life in dazzling colors!

"My adventure began in the street theater scene working alongside a high quality, sensitive artist, dreamer / poet who allowed us all  to travel on this planet and well beyond, a visionary troubadour who left too early, Julien Gabriel a co-founder of les Chasseurs des Rêves .

As a multidisciplinary artist for over two decades, I create and I take care of the manufacture of all the characters presented. In addition to writing the narrative frameworks, carrying out the scenography and the staging, I imagine very detailed, chiseled, and finely designed characters and costumes. All of them are works of art. I then join forces with illustrators, creators, scenographic engineers or craftsmen, who add the lively, mobile, subtly articulated aspect. I also create the dyes and varnishes for the wooden parts of the characters as well as the fabric dyes.

My imagination draws on poetry, beauty and the force of nature to create these sculptural characters that come to life thanks to the art of the giant puppet combined with stilts. The whole gives rise to ambulatory presentations grouping together several paintings, and this, in soft and friendly interaction with the public.

Throughout my artistic career, I have been able to display the fruits of my labour in an international scene: in the United States, in Mexico in Romania in Europe and in Colombia, in Montreal in the Great Festivals and in various collaborations with the Circus. du Soleil, in Italy, Spain and Quebec. "

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